B.O.S.S. Control
Business Books

The Fail-Proof Publishing Process That...
Unlocks Demand For Your Products & Services So You Can...
Secure New, Immediate, And Recurring Sales

(Without Burnout, Complexity ...Or Risking Your Own Cash)

What's A B.O.S.S. Control Business Book?

Belief Operating Success System (B.O.S.S.) Business Books are produced through our fail-proof publishing process that's specifically designed to attract your perfect buyers, transform their inherent desires into demand for your products, services & programs, and create a safe passage so they feel naturally compelled, if it makes sense, to BUY NOW...

This is all we do ...help small business owners, services professionals and franchisors sell more, work less, and change lives ...without conflict, confusion, or compromise ...and without risking your own cash.

As a B.O.S.S. Control Author, your perfect buyers value you and your company as the obvious choice; see your competition, no matter how loud, as irrelevant; and resonate with your book's 'no b.s. solution' as the cure-all they've been searching for...

This is how you secure new, immediate, and recurring sales ...on your own terms.

B.O.S.S. Control
Business Books
Demonstrate Your...



You don't tolerate typical industry mediocrity. You give a damn about your clients ...and they give a damn about you. Your thoughts, words & actions are in perfect alignment.



You discovered the root problem ailing your marketplace so you offer the 'no b.s. solution' to cure their suffering once and for all.
You have no competition.



You systematized your 'no b.s. solution' into a framework that produces consistent and predictable results. Results ONLY YOU can deliver.

Here's The Deal...

Your B.O.S.S. Control Business Book positions you to be relevant regardless of economic conditions...

Your 'no b.s. solution' dials in the desires of your marketplace ...and directs that desire into demand for your products and services ...so you can enroll 100% of the right people on-the-spot!

Basically, as a B.O.S.S. Control Author, you have the best branding, marketing, and sales tool in the world working for you 24/7/365 ...like a sales team that never sleeps.

Your B.O.S.S. Control Business Book is planned, produced, and published: FAIL-PROOF!

We are a Pay-As-You-Profit Publishing Firm. That means, you only pay for results; and that means, we can't afford to indulge in "hope" marketing...

Unlike most sales, marketing, and publishing agencies who require big upfront retainers and big upfront monthly fees, our world-class team supporting your 'no b.s. solution' -- are not a gamble.

We can't guarantee to add another 7-figures to your bottom line, but we can guarantee to put the risk on our own shoulders!

Your B.O.S.S. Control Business Book positions you with power, prestige, profits (and a whole lot more)...

Your new 'no b.s. solution' sells against every competitive option in your marketplace. That means, your book frames your competitors as part of the problem (which they are)...

...because their offers are just "bandaids and vicodin" covering up the real problem and giving temporary pain relief to surface symptoms; so your marketplace keeps suffering and searching for a solution that works...

A solution that doesn't even exist yet ...until YOU "write" the book on it!

Because of your new 'no b.s. solution', you don't just getting paid (significantly) ...you serve your clients at the highest levels, transform lives, and make a dent in the universe ...all on your own terms.

Your B.O.S.S. Control
Business Book Gives You...


Know The Truth
Your new 'no b.s. solution' can be the cornerstone of everything you do ...so getting everything you want in your home, business, and community is inevitible.


Tell The Truth
Your new 'no b.s. solution' keeps you in integrity so you're clear, decisive, and trustworthy; getting you heard, valued, and paid as the market authority.


Be The Truth
Your new 'no b.s. solution' rises you above every other option in your market ...so your pricing is based on results you deliver, not the hours you work.

And Your B.O.S.S. Control
Business Book Gets You...

  • CLARITY: As a B.O.S.S. Author, your perspective, principles and practices are refined into a 'no b.s. solution' that your marketplace covets; this book becomes your most powerful differentiator; compelling your perfect buyers to sell themselves on you and your products and services ...without hype, unethical persuasion, or high pressure sales tactics.

  • CALM: As a B.O.S.S. Author, your book becomes the face of your business so you get to keep your heart, values & ideas in the company without becoming a slave to your business; this leads to financial peace because your principles are perfectly aligned with your elegant, efficient, and effective 'B.O.S.S. Control Book & Selling System'...

  • CASHFLOW: On the surface, as a B.O.S.S. Author, your new book just gives you influence, credibility, and authority; but on deeper inspection, your book is a low-maintenance branding, marketing, and sales "trojan horse" that gets you consistent and predictable sales (even when you take a few months off)...

    This is how you secure new, immediate, and recurring sales without burnout, complexity, or risking your own cash.

Results ARE Typical

(100% Success Rate)


#1 Best Seller has been achieved! The process was smooth and it was literally hands-free. Christine is extremely kind, professional and helpful." Oscar Calderon


"I am now a #1 Best Seller in three categories. ​What Christine Love has done is nothing short of a miracle. 100% recommended." Krishna Murali



Christine, I can't thank you enough for all the hard work and doing such an excellent job on my #1 best seller ...this position that I get to claim forever!​" Lem Moore


"Hit #1 Best Seller for my Amazon book. Generated 100s of sales, dozens of leads and closed one of those leads into a coaching client".
Anthony La Rocca


Who Is Christine Sierra Love?


Christine Sierra Love is a three-time bestselling author, leaderboard sales producer, and creator of the 'B.O.S.S. Control' Business Book Selling System.

She is also the founder of Trinity Publications Group, the ONLY pay-as-you-profit publishing firm that guarantees to produce sales ...or you don't pay!

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Christine's business books are produced, published and promoted to drive demand for premium priced products & services ...again, on a contingency basis; meaning you get new, immediate, and recurring sales throughout the publishing process -- before, during, and after -- or you don't pay...

Christine's unique methods have been covered on The Huffington Post, ABC, The Press-Enterprise, NBC, The Daily News-Herald, CBS and dozens of other media outlets.

Christine is also a proud full-time mom, devoted learner, and unapologetic introvert.

But, Christine Is NOT For Everyone!


Who She's Looking For...

We'd love to work with everyone; however, this is time-intensive work so we have to be very selective in who we choose to partner with because we need to get results and produce profits (for everyone involved)...

We're looking to invest in and partner with a person(s) who has PROVEN expertise, knows they’ve got a fortune locked up in the results they consistently & predictably produce for their clients ...along with email, direct mail, FB group audiences (or other buyers lists), but wants to focus on servicing their clients rather than figuring out what really works -- adding more campaigns, hiring and managing salespeople, writing emails, etc. -- to reliably get the sales they need.

Most of our partners are likely ALREADY successful on one or two marketing channels or may even have a powerful sales team already…

This is perfect. We are not looking to “improve” or take away from what these partners are already doing, but simply to leverage their integrity, intelligence, and untapped powers of insight into a 'no b.s. solution' -- their B.O.S.S. Control Business Book -- to BOLT ON additional profit centers in their business (with zero financial risks on their end) ...and without adding to their already crammed business schedule and to-do list...

We Only Get Paid On...


If It Makes Sense To Proceed
Here's What To Do Now...

If you want to be the published author of a 'B.O.S.S. Business Book & Selling System' ...so you can get new, immediate, and recurring sales ...on your own terms, we'd be surprised if you didn't have questions you need answered. Us too. But if it makes sense so far, and you meet the above qualifications and want to move forward, take the following 3 steps...

  1. Just click one of the "Join The Waiting List" links on this site to email Christine directly...

  2. Tell her why you're interested in becoming a B.O.S.S. Author with our pay-as-you-profit publishing project, and...

  3. Ask any upfront questions you may have ...you'll get a reply within 3 business days...

Thank you,
Christine Sierra Love & Your Fail-proof 'B.O.S.S. Control Business Book & Selling System' Team

P.S. "How can you do all this for free?"

We don't. In fact, we're kinda on the expensive side; however, you only pay for results. That means you don't have to worry about the massive upfront fees typical marketing agencies, independent publishers and business growth strategist charge with no guarantee of results....

To be clear, if we "bomb" and do ZERO sales, you don't owe anything. This has never happened. And if it did happen, you'd be positioned with the 'no b.s. solution' your marketplace covets, you'd be the published author of a 'B.O.S.S. Control Business Book and Selling System' (with the audiobook version published on Amazon's Audible), and you'd get 100% of your Sales Security Deposit back ...rest assured, the risk is on us. Now, if it makes sense...