Transform Your
Busines Into A
Keystone Book...

So Your Book Can Be The Face Of
Your Business Instead Of YOU!

What's A Keystone Book?

This is all we do ...produce Keystone Books to drive demand, decision & dedication for your service offerings so you have the standing to be heard, valued and paid ...on your own terms.

Keystone Books Demonstrate Your...



You don't tolerate typical industry flaws. You give a damn about your clients ...and they give a damn about you. You're both committed to results.



You understand the real root problem of your marketplace so you offer them the cure to their suffering instead of "vicodin & bandaids" like the rest of your industry.



You're committed to your clients success and it shows. You've systematized your proven solution into framework that produces relevant results.

Here's The Deal...

Your Keystone Book positions you to do your REAL work so you can make an impact, not just gain celebrity... in addition to building your brand, your Keystone Book dials in the desire of your readers ...and transforms that desire into demand so you can serve your best buyers at the highest levels and enroll 100% of the right people on-the-spot!

That means you have the best sales and marketing tool in the world working for you 24/7 like a sales team that never sleeps.

Your Keystone Book is planned, produced and published -- if you're the right kinda person -- for FREE!

We are a Pay ONLY For Results Publishing Firm. That means we can't afford to indulge in hope marketing...

Unlike most sales, marketing, and publishing agencies who require big upfront retainers and big upfront monthly fees, our Keystone Book -- and the world-class team supporting your progress -- are not a gamble.

We can't guarantee to add another 7-figures to your bottom line, but we can guarantee to put the risk on our own shoulders!

Your Keystone Book positions you to transcend industry norms ...and make competition irrelevant.

Your Keystone Book sells against every competitive option in your marketplace. That means, your book frames your competitors as part of the problem...

...because their offers are just "bandaids and vicodin" covering up the real problem and giving temporary pain relief to surface symptoms people in your marketplace never get the real solution that cures the root problem of their suffering.

Your Keystone Book Is...


It's been said, publishing a book is the new business card. Not true. 80% of the world feels they have a book in them ...3% start the process and less than 1% ever complete the process. Only the most committed join the 1%.


Traditionally, authoring a business book is reserved for the rich & famous. Most small business owners don't have the time, money or resources to compete; but we don't stand for that ...we stand for your sales success!


If you can produce a specific result for your customers, you've got a great book in you ...and we can make sure you multiply your sales throughout the publishing process ...after all, we don't get paid unless YOU get paid!

And Your Keystone Book Gets You...

  • CLARITY: Your Keystone Book refines your core values, principles and practices into a BIG MISSION that becomes your most powerful differentiator, challenging your perfect buyers to take action NOW! ...this is how we drive demand, decision & dedication in your marketplace so your perfect buyers sell themselves on buying your product and service offerings...

  • CALM: Your Keystone Book becomes the face of your business so you get to make an impact and keep your heart, values & ideas in the company without sacrificing your personal or private life ...this is why you can take a week, a month ...even a year off while your business thrives without you...

  • CASHFLOW: Your Keystone Book gives you influence, credibility and authority; but the real power is in the book's design; it's like a trojan horse with weapons of mass low-maintenance marketing magic weaved throughout the book so you get consistent and predictable cashflow even-though you're not the face of your business ...this is how you secure sustainability, scalability and saleability without increasing complexity, advertising dollars, or your already too busy workload.

Results ARE Typical

(100% Success Rate)


#1 Best Seller has been achieved! The process was smooth and it was literally hands-free. Christine is extremely kind, professional and helpful." Oscar Calderon


"I am now a #1 Best Seller in three categories. ​What Christine Love has done is nothing short of a miracle. 100% recommended."
Krishna Murali



Christine, I can't thank you enough for all the hard work and doing such an excellent job on my #1 best seller ...this position that I get to claim forever!​" Lem Moore


"Hit #1 Best Seller for my Amazon book. Generated 100s of sales, dozens of leads and closed one of those leads into a coaching client".
Anthony La Rocca


Who Is Christine Sierra Love?


Christine Sierra Love is an award winning author, publisher, producer & investor. She is the founder of Trinity Publications Group, the ONLY publishing firm that specializes in producing, publishing & promoting Keystone Books designed to sell high-ticket products and services WITHOUT webinars, "strategy session" phone selling, live events or expensive advertising...

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...all on a contingency basis, meaning you get NEW sales, or you don't pay...

Christine's mission is to help ESTABLISHED business owners, agencies and franchisors drive immediate and long-lasting cash-flow throughout the Keystone Book publishing process...

Christine's unique methods have been covered on The Las Vegas Review-Journal, ABC, The Press-Enterprise, NBC, The Daily News-Herald, CBS and dozens of other affiliated online media outlets.

Christine is also the proud full-time mom of two smart, dynamic and beautiful little girls, Dharma and Sierra.

Here's How Your Keystone Book Supports You & Your Business...

OUR MISSION (should you choose to accept it): Add $100k - $200k monthly revenue to your business in about 90 days from the time of our engagement (to start).

HOW: We, Trinity Publications Group, will 100% fund the addition of a NEW profit center(s) to your business. The first thing we do is engineer a $25K - $75K (or a whole lot more) cashflow surge with a Keystone Intervention Campaign.

WHAT EXACTLY WE FUND: In short, everything needed to plan, produce and publish your Keystone Book and everything needed to enroll your prospective clients and customers into your premium program(s). WE WILL NOT fund expenses involved in DELIVERING your program or service. After they enroll, you take over:-)

Specifically, We (100%) fund the following startup and ongoing expenses:

  • Surveying prospects and clients including complete survey analysis
  • Offer framing, positioning, testing
  • Training, hiring, project management and quality control
  • Funnel and copywriting development
  • All direct mail postage, copy and mailing services
  • Email marketing for your offer
  • Media Releases (PR)
  • Keystone Book production
  • Keystone Book editing, design and publishing
  • Keystone Book Launch Promotions Team
  • Six or Seven Figure Licensing Of Your Keystone Book (future profit centers)
  • Live chat salespersons
  • Ongoing management of all the above so all you have to do is SERVICE your clients.
  • And a whole lot more...

WHAT DOES TRINITY PUBLICATIONS GROUP GET OUT OF THE DEAL?: At this point we are NOT looking for equity in your company. We’d simply want a revenue share of each NEW dollar we bring in for you (and to be paid on time:-)) The revenue share percentage varies...

At first, it's usually 49% during the book publishing process; once you're a published author with your Keystone Book & Sales System activated, you'll no longer need the publishing team ...just the sales and marketing teams so your cost is lowered to 39% (Or FREE)...

Let me explain.

You see, much of the time, by taking advantage of our expertise and experience in packaging and positioning offers, our partners come out with more net profit than before partnering with us.

Here's how...

If you’re selling a $15k a year program, such as a mastermind, and your new Keystone Results Team positions your program more attractively and with more benefit ...

THEN we offer (and sell) the up-leveled program for $30k a year, it looks like this:

BEFORE Partnering with Trinity Publications Group: $15k gross revenue AFTER Partnering with Trinity Publications Group and developing your new Keystone Offer: $30k gross revenue less ~40% ($12k) = $18k

While, without knowing your specific offer, I can’t promise you this now, but our partners have done this so many times, in so many markets, this is “old hat”.

But, This Is NOT For Everyone!


Who We're Looking For...

We'd love to work with everyone; however, this is time-intensive work so we have to be very selective in who we choose to partner with because we need to get results and produce profits (for everyone involved)...

We're looking to invest in and partner with a person(s) who has PROVEN expertise, knows they’ve got a fortune locked up in their email, direct mail, FB group audiences (and other buyers lists), but wants to focus on servicing their clients rather than adding more campaigns, hiring and managing salespeople, writing emails, etc.

Most partners are likely ALREADY successful on one or two marketing channels or may even have a powerful sales team already…

This is perfect. We are not looking to “improve” or take away from what these partners are already doing, but simply to ADD an additional profit center/channel to their business with zero financial risks on their end and without adding to their already crammed business schedule and to-do list...

It’s crucial we partner with someone who won’t turn tail and run when we BOTH make
a LOT of money.

We're damn good at what we do and the ONLY sales, marketing & publishing firm on the planet who does it. Modesty withstanding…

When we bring in $100k - $200k in a month in revenue for a partner, which the partner may have never had without our help, we want someone who gleefully (not begrudgingly) cuts us a check for our agreed percentage of the revenue share. (There’s a lot more where that came from!)

If a partner goes all Stingy McDingy on us when it’s time for them to send our share, we won’t be partnering for very long...

The Only Thing
That Matters...


Here are the assets we need to start:

  • You have, at least, 3+ years experience delivering your expertise.

  • You must have an email list, direct mail list and/or FB group of BUYERS, not just prospects, but BUYERS…and they are HAPPY with you. Happy buyers are the BEST PROOF your stuff works:-) (We can talk numbers later.)

  • You've already got an offering in the range of (ideally) $5k to $50k or more.

  • You must be okay with us doing 100% everything TURNKEY for you. In fact, we don’t just request this leeway, we demand it.

    You get to sit back, have a glass of wine, beer, latte or other refreshing beverage while we produce, publish and promote your Keystone Book and enroll perfect buyers into your $5K+ programs.

If It Makes Sense To Proceed? Here's What To Do Now...

If you want to be considered as a Keystone Book Author to drive demand, decision & dedication in your marketplace, so you have the standing to be heard, valued and paid ...on your own terms, we'd be surprised if you didn't have questions you need answered. Us too. But, if it makes sense so far, and you meet the above qualifications and want to move forward, take the following 3 steps...

  1. Just click one of the "Join The Waiting List" links on this site to email Christine directly.
  2. Tell her why you're interested in our pay only for results Keystone Book Publishing Program.
  3. And ask any upfront questions you may have'll get a reply within 3 business days.

Thank you,
Christine Sierra Love & The Keystone Results Team

P.S. "Do you require money upfront?"

This is a questions we get a lot so you probably want to know the answer before you email Christine ...good, that means neither one of you will be wasting time. The answer is: Kinda. There's a one-time $7,950 'Sales Security Advance,' which is applied against the NEW sales and increased profits our team produces for you (meaning, you get to keep the first ~$25K in sales we make for you BEFORE you start paying our performance percentage)...

If you think about it, since it's just an advance that you get back with the very first sales we get for you... it really doesn't "cost" you anything...

We structure our onboarding this way for one specific reason...

You have skin in the game. That means we're all highly motivated to make this project as successful as possible...

We are truly investing time, money, decades of expertise and more into your business. And, with us, you only pay for results. That means you don't have to worry about the massive fees typical marketing agencies, independent publishers and business growth strategist charge with no guarantee of results....

To be clear, if we "bomb" and do ZERO sales, you don't owe anything. This has never happened. And if it did happen, you'd be the published author of a Keystone Book, you'd have multiple copies of your Keystone Book in your hands ...with the audiobook version published on Amazon's Audible, and you'd get 100% of your "Sales Security Advance" back assured, the risk is on us.