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How would you like to get your experience and expertise out of your head and into a difference-making manifesto? How would you like to be the proud author of an award-winning book? Our self-funded implementation team can help you do it!


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Who Is Christine S. Love...


Christine Sierra Love is the founder of Trinity Publications Group and the award-winning author of three business books, Strategic Author Marketing, Sell Without B.S., and Warrior Entrepreneur.

Her work has appeared on more than 131 online media outlets, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Press Enterprise, Las Vegas Review Journal, Daily News Herald and many other syndicated networks.

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"Christine spent a lot of time with me during our early stages of the interview to ensure we got the right result. If you would like someone to help you establish authority and attract clients then this I believe will be one of the best investments you can make." John Sullivan


Christine is on a mission to help client-centered enterpreneurs convert any business into a world-class manifesto installed with cashflow and equity profit centers.

That means, your book is not just designed to reflect authority, credibility, and influence. It's also designed to automate significant profits in the process.

Extremely Kind, Professional & Helpful...

“The process was smooth and it was literally hands-free (only thing I had to do was the interview and that was actually fun). Christine is extremely kind, professional and helpful, guiding me all the way to the best-seller goal.” Oscar Calderson


Want To Join The 1%?

Trinity Publications Group (TPG) is a performance-based business book producer. Our publishing processes bypass traditional publishers whose sluggish, outdated practices reject 99% of aspiring authors.

There's a better, faster way. A more profitable, kinder way that makes authorship accessible to all who want to join the 1% who actually get their book done, published, and profitable!

That being said, we can't work with everyone.

The Results Are Mind Blowing...

"Christine has an incredible way to draw out what you know. I look back and say, "Was that me?" But I know it was, such is the power she has to get at your knowledge. Christine, with her methods and processes is a pleasure to work with and the results are mind blowing." Darryl Smith


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If you have a track record of helping people in your marketplace get results -- proven by an abundance of raving fan testimonials -- authoring a business book (to match or exceed current revenues) is a smart move.

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