Reinvention Pilgrimage

Transform Your Rite-Of-Passage Into A One-Book Empire

On The Back Of A Single Book So You Can...


Clarify your core values and strengths to stay rooted in your truth, even without agreement, approval, or permission.


Focus on doing what matters most (to you) so you can live your best life while making a bigger impact in your spare time.


Redefine your rite-of-passage assets into passive, recurring, and high-ticket paydays to match (or exceed) current revenues.

Real Clients, Real Talk...

"Christine, I can't thank you enough for all the hard work and doing such an excellent job on my #1 best seller (a position I get to claim forever!)" Lem Moore


"I am now a #1 Amazon Best Seller in three categories. What Christine Love has done is nothing short of a miracle.
100% recommended." Krishna Murali


"Hit #1 Amazon Best Seller for my first book! Generated 100s of sales, dozens of leads
and closed one of those leads
into coaching client." Anthony La Rocca


Launch Your Own One Book Empire...

Who Is Christine Sierra Love?


Welcome! I'm Christine Sierra Love. In 2015, I got certified as a 'Publish & Profit' Book Producer, became a three-time Amazon Best Selling Author and started Trinity Publications Group where I had a 100% success rate helping small business owners develop business books from scratch, launch them to award-winning status and solidify their authority, credibility and influence ...all within 12 weeks.


Before the pandemic, I thought I had a great business. However, when the world came to a crashing halt, so did my cashflow. That's when I discovered my business delivered mad profits on demand, but not authentic wealth.

In just six months, I'm out of cash, subsidizing everyday expenses with credit cards, then a year later, covid is still raging. Repeatedly downsizing me, and my two, teenage daughters, from living in a penthouse suite at The Signature MGM Grand to landing at my mom's house, sleeping on a rollaway bed in the living room, getting foodstamps.

But that repeated downsizing wasn't my end. It was the key to designing a new beginning. I had to lose everything I had to discover what I really, REALLY wanted...

I thought I'd achieved the 'American Dream' but all I had were trappings of success keeping me bound and suffering in silence. Yes, suffering. I wanted to be gratful, but all I felt was, "is this all there is?"

But I kept those thoughts behind the scenes because, well how can you complain about 15+ hour days, investing more time with clients than your kids, and having no personal life of your own when you've "made it."


What's so attractive about being a slave to your business? What's so attractive about striving for "success" that leaves you unfulfilled and wanting more and more? What so attractive about giving up family time (and me time) for the "almighty" dollar? For me, NOTHING.

That's why I'm never going back.

I've Got A New Path: It's called the Rite-Of-Passage Pilgrimage; it's a journey to your authentic voice, a new masterplan, and a new kind of book...

A book designed to position you to win in every area of life, a book designed to raise marketplace standards of success, and a book designed for kind and consistent cashflows so you can match (or exceed) current cash flows your spare time, make the world a better place (in your own unique way), and thrive with natural confidence (regardless of circumstance).

This new path is clear, kind, and simple ...not easy. Here's what the pivot looks like...


As you can see, this is a more clear, kind and simple success path. That's by design...

Over the past 9 months, I installed recurring revenues, perpetual profit centers, and time freedom in the structure of the new Rite-Of-Passage Playbooks we produce. So, in addition to positioning our publishing partners with authentic authority, credibility, and influence, our books now create its own economy, independent of these (and future) uncertain times.

Quick Question:Does your success feel good to you or are you suffering in silence (like I was) and ready to pivot to a new purpose, passion, or possibility?

If so, I'm happy to share the Rite-Of-Passage Equation with you so you can see the complete masterplan. Just enter your email address into the red bar below...